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5 Things To Do To Stay Fit in London (without joining a gym)

If you’re faithful readers of this blog, you’ll know that half of my heart lives in London, the city of my childhood travels and last student year. What’s more, is that my sister’s been living there for the last four years so I’ve been visiting frequently. Inspiration strikes when I’m there and we constantly find loads of things worth sharing. So if you frequently visit London for work or to visit family and friends, here’s a series destined to give you a glimpse of the city through our eyes. Continue Reading “5 Things To Do To Stay Fit in London (without joining a gym)”

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Round-Up and New Beginning | What You Like The Most

It is a fact that I have finally come to accept. I have slightly been neglecting Breadonbutter for the past few months but the reasons are many and I won’t bore you with meaningless excuses. I am now ready to kick off again and with plenty in stock, only for you. There will be food, there will be new places to visit, there will be travel and there will be lots of tips – also expect a new section on babies and pregnancy since we have now a wonderful new person in our lives ūüôā .¬† Continue Reading “Round-Up and New Beginning | What You Like The Most”

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Don’t Pair Cheese with Wine!

A while ago, I stumbled across this article¬†on why we shouldn’t pair cheese with wine.¬†It got me thinking about our “food behavior”. In the world of hosting, there are things we stick to – depending on the circumstances and season. Cheese and Wine is one of them. Year after year, come rain, we gather for cheese and wine.¬†We’ve been taught to do it and the winter season can’t possibly go by without these gatherings. It’s funny how sometimes we know deep down some things shouldn’t be the way they are but we still do them because that’s what the culture and lifestyle in the place we live in are like. Continue Reading “Don’t Pair Cheese with Wine!”

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I’ve always admired people who make it a life purpose to help others, especially children. What we think only happens¬†in movies is actually drawn from reality. Child abuse, be it physical or emotional, is a harsh part of reality. In a society governed by taboo, shame and guilt, it is even harder for kids to ask for help when abused by a parent.

Among the many NGOs we have here in Lebanon, I think that Himaya¬†stands out. It might be because I am aware of their activities more than others’ or because I know a few people who work there, but I hold their cause¬†close to my heart because it helps vulnerable children.

Children are truth and life. They are our hope that the future can be better. They hold the key to hard-to-find solutions in their bright minds full of creativity.

April is the month of child abuse prevention. I thought it would be great to highlight what Himaya does especially that foodies can help them make a change.

Their ongoing campaign this April is all about raising awareness and trying to erase the taboo. If you’ve noticed the¬†“Ma tkhabe, khaber” billboards all over Lebanon and heard about their game on Virgin Radio, you must be aware of the efforts Himaya makes to spread the word.

Also, they¬†have partnered up with Divvy for the #DVhimayaSlide challenge. Basically, people head to Divvy’s branch at The Village in Dbayeh, upload a video of them on their slide with the hashtag. For every video upload, Divvy will donate $1 to the¬†cause Himaya strongly supports.

There are many other ways people can contribute in general. Mainly:
РYou can volunteer with Himaya
РYou can purchase Himaya products available on Lebelik
РYou can attend their events
РYou can sponsor the children of their Resilience Center through their Sponsor a Child Program
РYou can donate through their website
РYou can order the himaya items on the menus of their foodies4change partners; with every order of those items 1,000 LBP is donated to himaya
РYou can spread the word, share their posts and just help them raise awareness
Himaya | Breadonbutter
There will never be enough words to praise the work people at Himaya do, but I hope I at least influenced some of you to spread the word!
Check their website www.himaya.org for all the details you might need to help!
Have a great positive Monday all! ūüôā
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The Benefits of Green Garlic

Back in London last month, we discovered lots of new ingredients. Food markets are something to see in that city and we were in our own little paradise. When we went to Borough Market, Jean was in the lala land of fruits and vegetables. Among the amazing ingredients on display, was green garlic. We came out of there wishing we had this amazing selection back at home and daydreaming about the dishes we could cook.

We came back to Beirut our heads full of ideas and the willingness to make it happen. That’s when Jean went exploring the selection of fruits and vegetables our country offers and found green garlic!

Before that trip to London, I wasn’t aware of all the benefits of green garlic. So I did some research and it turns out it is full of virtues. It looks like spring onions as green garlic is a younger form of garlic that is collected before the cloves form and mature. I love the taste it gives to food and frankly, I’m starting to get addicted. So here are the most important benefits of green garlic:

  1.  It’s great for the health. It basically boosts your immune system by increasing defense mechanisms. It’s rich in iron and fights all kinds of infections and inflammations. It prevents heart disease and keeps cholesterol levels at their best.
  2. It’s full of flavor thus perfect for cooking. You can stir-fry it or easily use it raw in salads and other entrees. You can also crush it and make it into a paste, then use it in pasta sauces or even in soups.
  3. Its smell and taste are truly delicious – as opposed to normal garlic that can sometimes be heavy and annoying to the stomach.
  4. It’s easier to chop than normal garlic. You won’t have to think twice about adding garlic to your dish if you’re feeling lazy.
  5. It’s as good as ginger for weight loss. It helps with the reduction of body fat as it has a high fat-burning effect (combined with healthy eating and exercise of course – don’t go thinking an unhealthy diet full of garlic will make you slim down now ūüėČ ).

That’s about it! For now at least ūüôā Anything you might want to add?


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What’s Your Coffee Routine?

Every year, approximately 400 billions cups of coffee are consumed, which makes it one (if not the one) of the most popular drinks in the whole world.

Other than being an important commodity, coffee is also the new target for those looking to develop a new hobby. I like to call them the bean-lovers – i.e. the people who love the smell of coffee so much they start to experiment with it. I’ve still to research and observe bean-lovers as they’ve only recently appeared on my radar.

I’m not a bean-lover yet but the truth is, coffee inspires me. Its smell fascinates me even more than its taste. It all starts with coffee for me – my day, my productivity or even any random activity. I mean, thank God for it. It makes me feel alive, safe, and at ease in my own little world. I even feel it understands where I’m coming from. All the time.

coffee routine | breadonbutter

So I noticed that I’ve been quite inconsistent in my choice of coffee lately. I jump from one brand to the next, one kind to the next and find myself wanting all kinds of coffee machines (even though we already have two at home). It got me thinking about my coffee routine (and yours). That’s when I came to the conclusion that coffee habits change according to 3 factors: time, place and most importantly, mood.

I have my coffee “moments”, depending on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling comfy and a bit hungry, a huge Nescafe with a bit of creamer is my go-to. In the morning, I press the filter coffee machine button and wait for our filter coffee to diffuse its morning smell. My favorite filter coffee currently is Caf√© Younes’ Special Blend (oh my!). Nespresso or Turkish coffee, I reserve for social encounters (i.e. if everyone’s having it). Cappuccino and latte are a treat. I drink them either when I’m out having coffee with friends or on the go from any Starbucks.

coffee routine | breadonbutter coffee routine | breadonbutter

One of my favorite coffee ads is actually a Bollywood one of a cartoonist. Click on this link to watch it. I most certainly relate to this ad’s character.

coffee routine | breadonbutter

I’d love to know about your coffee routine! When do you have it? Which one do you prefer? Any favorite brand?¬†

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5 Healthy Snacks That Get Me Through The Day

There are two sides to the snacks story. One that says you should have three set meals a day and munch on nothing in between; and another that encourages small snacks in between meals to keep your metabolism busy. Naturally, I’m a fan of the latter. There’s nothing worse than not being able to satisfy your afternoon munchies or eleven o’clock “screw-this-I’m-having-lunch” envy. That’s why I keep these 5 healthy snacks handy at all times¬†to get me through the day. So here goes:

healthy snacks | breadonbutter healthy snacks | breadonbutter

  1. A shiny Granny-Smith apple or a banana Рthese are the only two fruits I feel I can carry around wherever I go. I would love to snack on strawberries, oranges or clementines, but I keep them at home as I enjoy them more there than at work on in the car on my way to meetings
  2. 0% fat yogurt – I keep this snack for when it’s 6 o’clock and I still have to wait one workout and a shower until I have dinner. Trust me, this is the best snack you can have to curb that 6 o’clock appetite.
  3. A teaspoon of peanut butter – this is for when I’m craving for something salty. A single teaspoon of it keeps me full for at least 2 hours straight.
  4. Granola – Instead of helping myself to brown bread at breakfast or lunch, I swap it for a handful of granola when I need something to munch on. Jordan’s is my current favorite brand.
  5. Lindt Dark Sea Salt Chocolate – I keep a 10g square of this dark chocolate for the days when I’m desperate for a piece of chocolate. Just letting it melt in my mouth removes all the sweet cravings I might have.

 Note: Of course, I never have all 5 snacks on a same day.

Any other healthy snacks ideas? What are yours? 

healthy snacks | breadonbutter


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Drinkable Ad: How You Get Addicted to F&B Brands

I’ve lately been struggling with only one thing – not having my Diet Coke in a glass filled with ice. I’ve let myself believe¬†that without Coke, my stomach would get better. To tell you the truth¬†it did, but some meals are still not worth it without my coca cola glass. I’ll certainly have it again, but only on days when I’m allowed a cheat.

When my boss showed me this ad at work yesterday, it felt like an arrow in my heart. He pointed out that it spoke to¬†all of our senses and thus crave this pleasurable sin. After watching it, ¬†I couldn’t but imagine myself at the beach with a good book and a huge bucket of ice sprinkled with Coca Cola Zero. My stomach will have to suffer but it shall¬†be fine.

What Coca Cola did in their Drinkable Ad was create this envy to try the coca cola zero. By sensing the product with sight, taste, and sound, people could not avoid going and picking up their free coca cola zero. They took advertising to the next level. It is no longer limited to a mouthwatering picture of a drink poured into a fresh glass. They associated it to your daily life: our phone, one of our most-used app (shazam), and convenience (a free coke can be redeemed anywhere, anytime).

If you’re a true coca cola lover – and we know ourselves – watch this! What little willpower you have left will flee your brain a minute after it has stopped playing.


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Pros & Cons: Juicing vs. Blending

Having juices¬†and smoothies for breakfast or right after gym is the most popular healthy lifestyle habit on the planet. Personally, I’ve only tried it occasionally as I’m the type of person who doesn’t consider a drink as being a meal ūüėČ On the other hand, I’ve always wondered about the difference between juices and smoothies – what’s the difference between a juicer and a blender and which one is the healthiest? What I found below says it all:

Juicing has gained popularity in recent years due to its amazing health benefits. Juicing is simply the process of extracting juices (and nutrients) from produce for easy consumption. By leaving behind pulp that is full of fiber, the body does not have to work as hard to digest the beverage.

Some prefer to drink a smoothie made in a blender, which contains all parts of the produce, including the fiber. And there certainly are benefits associated with that as well, such as creating a potentially better-tasting beverage that fills you up. There is room for both juicing and blending at the table; in this infographic we explore the pros and cons of each. Whichever one you choose, the combinations of produce you can use to create delicious juices and smoothies are endless. With the exception of tough root vegetables, almost any form of produce works well.

Scroll down this infographic to know everything!


Source: PartSelect.com

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3 unusual things to do on Valentine’s

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s. It actually always felt like pressure to go out and buy teddy bears and red piggy banks to give¬†to my significant other. So when I learnt that Jean was a Valentine “hater” himself, I was delighted. Still, I respect the cute couples who celebrate their love on that day, so I’m presenting you today with 3 unusual and un-cheesy things to do on this big romantic weekend.

1) Bring the restaurant to your home. With Bibayti, you can book your private Chef and enjoy an amazing dinner experience in the comfort of your own dining room. Just light some candles, and they’ll take care of the rest. Check their website here.

valentine | breadonbutter

Photo by Zein el Cheikh for Bibayti

2) Invite friends over and have a huge cook-off, or buy barbecue material and find a spot in nature to enjoy it. The point is, have a group Valentine dinner, it’s kind of fun!

valentine | breadonbutter

3) Just pizza/pasta and a movie would do. Valentine’s Day is all about pampering after all ūüėČ

valentine | breadonbutter

Any plans for Valentine’s?

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