Being the Mental Health advocate that I am, I stumbled on the Happy Homes Project platform while looking for something that would inspire me. The project is run by a collection of people from all areas of life, with one common interest: supporting others. Within their community, they have experts in various fields and they consult with experts in communities throughout the UK. I was happy to be featured on their website and to have the chance to help other parents with simple but crucial advice. My article is called “Managing the Stress of Parenting“, and you can read the full version here.

Sneak peEk of ‘Managing the Stress of Parenting’ featured on Happy Homes Project UK

Since April is Stress Awareness Month, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind parents that the most important thing they can do for their family is to look after themselves. This can seem difficult in a world where we constantly juggle everything day in and day out, especially in fast-paced cities like London. Sucked in day-to-day work tasks, playdate coordination, laundry piles, cooking, homework, and so much more, your identity can feel lost. I’m here to remind you that you can (and should) put yourself first, and take a well-deserved break. 

Their website is full of amazing advice! 



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