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*All Christmas Trees are Perfect*

Finally, it’s that time of year again! For many, including me, it’s the happiest of times. Christmas and all its magical atmosphere. Houses are warm and cosy; sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles all come home, families are reunited; stories are told; engagements and weddings happen; and emotions make their way to the surface. In other words, Life is sugar-coated.
The first thing that tells me Christmas is really here is when my mom takes out the long box from storage. It’s somewhat a feeling of relief, as if a really wise person you love was gone all year and is now back. The Christmas Tree comes out of its box and we all engage in our usual tactics to make him stand again, in all its splendor, in our living room. From the moment the tree is up and for the next month or so, that’s what you’re coming back home to. Your tree will make all noise, traffic, work stress and dust go away. To come home to it will make you feel good and toasty. You’re Home, another year of marvelous experiences has passed, and it’s Christmas.
Here are the steps to our tree, hoping it will inspire you.
When the Tree is the only light in the room 

Are you making your Christmas Tree this weekend?