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7 Inspiring Must-Watch Travel Movies and Their Snacks

One of the best things to do on some nights is to stay in with a nice movie and food. I just love to be transported to another place and another story and travel for a while. Movies make you dream, inspire you, and make you feel you can accomplish anything.

I love all types of movies, except for thrillers. Optimally, the ones I prefer are travel movies. I’ve watched loads of them and I’d love to share the top 7  on my mind today, along with the best snacks that would go perfectly with each.

Breadonbutter’s List of 7 top Travel movies and their snacks

The Grand Budapest Hotel

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Historical

Running Time: 100 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Pizza

Life of Pi

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Fantasy and Adventure

Running Time: 127 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Cotton Candy

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Societal problems

Running Time: 124 minutes

Best Snack to go with it:Yogurt and red fruit

The Motorcycle Diaries

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Memoir

Running Time: 126 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Nachos topped with melted cheese

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Romantic Comedy Drama (Woody Allen!)

Running Time: 97 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Chocolate candy

The Way

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Adventure and Drama

Running Time: 123 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: All types of popcorn – salty, caramel, cheesy, or spicy


travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Animation and Adventure

Running Time: 101 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Corn on the cob

My favorite 2 are UP and Life of Pi. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all, but these two have touched me until the present day. Even though UP is only a cartoon, it made me see that it’s never too late to go on an adventure and that you will be never left alone in life. As for Life of Pi, because it is based on a true story told by a man who is still alive today, it touched me to the very core. It also showed me the power of our minds and to which extent it can take us. 7 absolute must-watch movies!

Which ones have you watched? Any other snack recommendations?


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