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June Foodie Book: A Change of Appetite by Diana Henry

This month’s choice of foodie book is completely in line with my diet lately. With the whole 30 challenge, a change of appetite is exactly what’s been going on. This book was a coincidental find and I absolutely love it. The author, Diana Henry, created this book’s recipes when she started craving a different kind of diet. The kind that contains less meat and heavy food and focuses on vegetables, fish and grain-based dishes. What I love the most about the recipes in the book is that they are inspired by Middle Eastern and Far East food, passing by Georgia and Scandinavia.

Throughout the pages, you’ll find fresh and light dishes to inspire you to a healthier lifestyle. My favorites until now are this marinated cherry salad (which I tweaked a little bit) and a brown rice salad I’m looking forward to make when I can finally have rice again. There’s also a pistachio lemon cake I’ll be making soon.

marinated cherries and goat cheese salad | breadonbutter

Prepare to open up to new food possibilities that can only make you feel good.

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January Foodie Book: Seasons by Donna Hay

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about their Kindles, how simple it is and how much they love it. Lots of other people also talk about how when they need a specific recipe, all they have to do is google it. I might be a bit old-fashioned when it comes to books, but I can’t live without them yet. I still go for a read I can touch instead of yet another electronic object. In fact, we visit bookstores twice a month, in an endless pursuit of fine discoveries and inspiration, and that’s why, we’ll be selecting a great foodie book every month of 2015 to inspire you.

January’s Foodie Book of the Month is ‘Seasons’ by DONNA HAY

What’s excellent about this recipe book is how it is divided into seasonal sections. Whether you’re looking for a fresh summery salad, a cozy cake or a warming soup, this is the book for you! It’s not new but it’s an absolute must-have for aspiring and amateur cooks. The recipes and ingredients used are simple and accessible, yet creative and innovative. I’ve often mentioned Donna Hay and I have to say I’m getting addicted to her ideas.

donna hay | breadonbutter

Already 3 recipes inspired from this book have been featured on Breadonbutter: These BBQ-ed Prawns, This Coffee Cake and This Pumpkin Soup. Check them out, they’re simple and delicious!

Are you a book person? I’d love to know about your favorite food books! 🙂 

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Foodie travel: 15 Food Festivals To Attend in 2015

Every year, I come across pictures and information on the various food festivals going on around the world. Every year, I also promise myself I’ll try to attend at least one of them the year after. So I figured that in an effort to make this resolution happen, a list of the best food festivals in the world would be a great first step. I’ve been spending time researching and I was able to come up with a comprehensive list of interesting food festivals going on in 2015. I’ve classified them by date and region. So here goes.

Breadonbutter’s 2015 Food Festivals List


Dubai Food Festival

When: February 6 to 28, 2015

In Dubai, UAE

What it’s about: Various food-related activities, tastings, offers, Michelin starred chefs, street food, more than 200 cuisines and much more.

Sapporo Snow festival, Japan

When: February 5 to11, 2015

In Sapporo, Japan

What it’s about: Ice and snow sculptures, snowboarding, and winter foods—it’s an extreme winter experience, rendered Japanese style at the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Maslenitsa Festival (Pancake Festival)

When: February 16 to 22, 2015

Throughout Russia, with the biggest events in Moscow, Russia.

What it’s about: A traditional Russian holiday that celebrates the end of winter and the coming of spring. Also known as Butter week or Pancake Week, the festival spread over several days has festivities that include the preparation and consumption of pancakes that represent the round yellow sun that has emerged after the cold wintry days. It also includes bonfires, traditional Russian songs and dances, fireworks, puppet shows, riding on swings, sledding, etc.

Carnevale – Goodbye to Meat

When: Last day before Lent

In Venice, Italy

What it’s about: A cultural celebration with elaborate costumes, parades, music, and feasts. The final day of Carnevale (meaning goodbye meat) takes place on Shrove Tuesday each year, known locally as Martedi Grasso (fat Tuesday). This is a day of feasts and drinking, as the last day before Lent.
Celebrations take place in Saint Mark’s Square, at the heart of Venice, and include a beauty and costume pageant, and a competition for the most beautiful mask.

Tet Nguyen Dan, Vietnam

When: February 22 to 27, 2015

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What it’s about: Tet Nguyen Dan is the most important celebration in the Vietnamese calendar, marking the arrival of spring and the start of a new year.


Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

When: February 27 to March 15, 2015

In Melbourne, Australia

What it’s about: The Melbourne food festival celebrates the culinary traditions of Australia, its fresh farm produce, its meat, and its wine. Events are held across Melbourne city and in Victoria to celebrate the highlights of Australian food.

Saint Patrick’s Festival – Greening the City

When: March 14 to 17, 2015

In Dublin, Ireland

What it’s about: Saint Patrick’s Day began as a Christian feast day in the 17th century, commemorating the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. People across Ireland and now the rest of the world wear outfits of green,while “greening” the city is done with green lights illuminating famous places like Trinity College and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, and around the world, the Sydney Opera House and rivers, like the Chicago River, are dyed green.


Taste of London

When: June 17 to 21, 2015

In London, UK

What it’s about: This festival takes place in Regent’s Park and gives a taste of London’s top restaurants. There are mini-masterclasses to attend, as well as Q&A sessions with renowned chefs. This year, masterclasses will be given by Laurent Perrier, among others.

Food and Wine Magazine’s annual Aspen festival

When: June 19 to 21, 2015

In Aspen, Colorado, USA

What it’s about: This event is an all-star line-up of the hottest culinary talents and trends.

Haro Wine festival

When: June 29, 2015

In Haro, Spain

What it’s about: Haro, a charming town in Spain’s La Rioja region, is most famous for it full-flavored vino tinto, and the intoxicating festival that celebrates this luscious libation.


Maine Lobster Festival

When: July 29 to August 2, 2015

In Harbor Park, Rockland, Maine, USA

What it’s about: The Maine Lobster Festival is a celebration of the cuisine that has developed around the succulent lobsters found off the coast of Maine. Some of the highlights of the festival are cooking contests, involving lobsters as the main ingredient. People come from all over to celebrate Maine’s Lobster Festival, short summer weather and the state’s famed—and delicious—crustacean.

San Francisco Street Food Festival

When: August 16, 2015

In San Francisco, USA

What it’s about: San Francisco’s street food festival held annually in August reflects the changing tastes and openness to experimentation of the people of this great city. There are over 80 street food vendors and local producers present, no entry fees, no sit down dinners, and no waiters to serve, and everyone enjoys the informal ambiance, and a variety of delicious cuisine on offer.

September – October

Galway Oyster festival

When: September 24 to 27, 2015

In Galway, Ireland

What it’s about: Over 20,000 people from over 25 countries head to Galway the last weekend in September to indulge in oysters and practically anything else from the sea.


When: September 19 to October 4, 2015

In Munich, Germany

What it’s about: If you are looking for a getaway of beer, bratwurst, and traditional German sausages, you must head to Munich for the Oktoberfest. Apart from numerous varieties of beer on offer, visitors can feast on traditional Bavarian cuisine and enjoy the local music.


London Chocolate Festival

When: December 9 to 11, 2015

In Islington, London

What it’s about: Started in 2009, the London Chocolate Festival has grown to become the largest chocolate event in Britain and is now held at an indoor venue in the Business Design Center at Islington. This festival gives chocoholics a heavenly experience, including a Tasting Lounge, a Chocolate Cafe, a Hot Chocolate Trail, a Christmas Zone, which features a giant Christmas Tree decorated from top to bottom with chocolate, and a Health Zone where visitors can try raw chocolate and learn about the antioxidant properties and health advantages of consuming chocolate. The Chocolate Market and Food & Drink Circle Christmas Market offer visitors the perfect opportunity to buy their friends and loved ones a delicious chocolate gift for Christmas.

I’d love to hear about Food Festivals I missed while doing research. So please leave a comment below if you’ve any idea of a cool Food Festival to attend this year!

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Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas

On Monday, in the 11 perfect food lovers Christmas gift list, the very first item was a nice and efficient foodie book. I promised a list of great foodie books to offer this Christmas. So here are 10 of them I’d thought I’d classify according to every cook’s personality. There you go:

BreadOnButter’s List of 10 foodie books to offer this Christmas:

To: The classic cook who loves to make things from scratch:

Julia Child – Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes I & II

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The modern woman who loves hosting parties:

Des Recettes Pour Recevoir – Hachette Cuisine

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The one who likes to cook unusual but easy things:

Donna Hay – Seasons

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The healthy cooks who love adding flavor to their dishes:

Jamie Oliver – Cook With Jamie

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The oriental fusion fan:

Orient Express – Silvena Rowe

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The lovely baker with a fun edge:

Lily Vanilli – Sweet Tooth

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The inspiration-seeker:

Beirut Cooks – Pascale Habis

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The Entrepreneur:

A Delicious Life – New Food Entrepreneurs

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The amateur Chef:

Joel Robuchon – The Complete Robuchon

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter

To: The ambitious on-the-way-to-culinary-school Chef:

The Professional Chef – The Culinary Institue of America

Great Foodie Books To Offer This Christmas | breadonbutter


I’m actually searching for a new cookbook. Any other recommendation?

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20 Things About London

If you’ve been reading Breadonbutter for a while, you probably know by now how much I love traveling and discovering new places and cultures. But, like I mentioned once (here), there are cities I’ve visited many times that I’ll never stop making place for in my budget and time, and one of those cities is London.

London holds a very special place in my heart as it’s where I often went when I was little to visit my uncle, it’s where I spent lots of weekends during my studies, and it’s where my sister lives now. This city has many faces. More generally, we can say it has 4 different faces: East, West, North and South, each with special things you get attached to as a tourist. I once spoke about East London (here), but today, here’s a broader list of my favorite 20 things about London.

20 things about London

1) Parks – Walking around when the weather is nice, jogging or having a little picnic in any of London’s parks is of pure enjoyment. Among many, I would pick Regents Park, Hampstead Heath and Victoria Park as my favorite.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

2) Markets – Come the weekend, there is no greater pleasure than strolling around London’s different markets. The list is long: there are Borough Market and Broadway Market; there are Brick Lane, Spitalfields and Portobello and many more. You can view a full map of all the markets and their opening hours and days on this link.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

20 things about london | breadonbutter

20 things about london | breadonbutter

3) Oxford Street at Christmas – The busy Oxford Street already has everything you need. And if you’re looking for a place to really feel the Christmas spirit, this is it.

20 Things About London | Breadonbutter

4) Burger places – Among my favorites are Dirty Burger, Five Guys and Burgers and Lobsters. You can use the Zomato app while you’re there to check out the trendiest burgers in London.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

20 things about london | breadonbutter

5) Asian Food – Vietnamese, Korean or Thai; you can all find them anywhere you go. My favorites are Busaba eathai for the best Thai meal, Bibimbap in Soho, and Cay Tre for the best ramen and pho. I had the best Vietnamese food experience at Cay Tre where I found the food was the most fresh, flavorsome and authentic. An absolute delight!

20 things about london | breadonbutter

6) Notting Hill and Portobello Road.

20 Things about London | Breadonbutter

7) Fortnum and Mason for a typical British tea time.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

8) Breakfasts – I just love The Breakfast Club in Angel and Albion in the South.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

20 things about london | breadonbutter

9) Shoreditch and the graffiti.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

20 things about london | breadonbutter

10) Monmouth Coffee company – You can choose your coffee beans then share a table filled with jam and bread with other customers.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

11) The Monocle Café on Baker Street.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

Photo taken from google

12) Chipotle for the best Burrito.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

13) Musicals – My favorites until now are Sound of Music, Matilda and Wizard of Oz.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

14) Covent Garden – Ideal for a warm hot chocolate in the morning after going around the market.

20 Things about london | breadonbutter

Photo taken from google.

15) Indian Food – One of my favorite Indian restaurants in London with a fun and colorful interior is Masala Zone in Covent Garden. A must try.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

Photo taken from google.

16) Tate Modern – The most visited Art Gallery in the world. You can check current exhibitions here.

20 things about london | breadonbutter
Photo taken from google.

17) Piccadilly and Leicester Square – Make sure to visit the Photographers’ gallery (click here for more details), the first independent gallery devoted solely to Photography. I can spend endless hours in there just looking at the exhibited photographers’ different perspectives on life.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

18) The National Portrait Gallery on Trafalgar Square – Check out the exhibition of the moment on this link.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

19) Carnaby Street for a colorful walk.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

Photo taken from google

20) The Lily Vanilli Bakery – This is by far my favorite place in the entire city. This little bakery is great for a warm afternoon tea and the most wonderful non-traditional desserts.

20 things about london | breadonbutter

Have you been to London? Anything to add to the list?


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Foodie Book: Beirut Cooks

Happiness is your main ingredient, always.

Yesterday evening was Beirut Cooks’ first book signing event. It took place at The Food Dealer, a very very cool new deli in Mar Mikhael. Apart from the wonderful interior we noticed when we entered the place – despite the crowd of people – we saw a long table where the author of the book, Pascale Habis, as well as some of the cooks featured in it, were seated and signing the books of eager food lovers.




book-signing-beirut-cooks cheese-food-dealer-beirut-cooks

Beirut Cooks is really something unique as it brings together the recipes of amateur cooks from various backgrounds. They are entrepreneurs, they are artists and business people. They are everyone and everything, and that’s what makes their recipes beautiful. Each recipe is the product of a different realm of life itself. The first thing that hits you when you open the book is the images. They are exceptionally vivid, colorful and clear, it makes you want to read it all right away. And when you do read it, you are far from being disappointed. Get ready to be enchanted by real people!



The book starts with a charming preface written by Nicolas Audi, a gastronomer himself (, and goes on to introduce the cooks. To name a few: Bernard Khoury (Architect), Joanna Debbas (Restaurant Owner), Monique Rizkallah Chebli (Artist and Yoga Intructor), Karim Chaya (Industrial Designer), Barbara Massaad (Food Writer and Photographer), Johnny Farah (Artisan Créateur and Restaurant Owner), Karen Chekerdjian Fattal (Product and Furniture Designer), Karine Zablit (Cake Designer), Michael Zammar (Consultant and Businessman), and Carine Bejjani (Event Planner). Recipes from around the world, with a personal twist, can be found in the book. Some of my favorites until now are: Carine’s Lemon Meringue Pie, Bernard’s Pancakes, Joanna’s Three-Melon Salad, and Karim’s Corn on the Cob with Lime Chilli Butter.


Go out and get it, you won’t regret a page of it! You can check their website and facebook page here and here!



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Foodie Movie: From Bombay To Paris

Breaks break for a reason

This is the lesson you learn from Hassan’s mother in this colorful movie full of emotions. From Bombay to Paris is the story of an Indian family, chased away from their country by politics. They go through a long journey and it leads them to a small french town where they decide to open their restaurant facing a Michelin star one. The “war” between the 2 begins and, through a cloud of spices and colors, we’re all shown that everything in life really happens for a reason. A must-watch for food lovers!

bombay to paris 3



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A Foodie Movie To Watch This Weekend

If you love to cook with music in the background or if you’re an aspiring chef, you absolutely have to watch this movie this weekend.

It’s about a chef who has been working at a restaurant for years and who has his creativity hushed by the restaurant owner. One night, he gets a bad review from one of the most important blogger/critiques of the moment and this is when it all starts. He quits his job and gets a food truck. With the help of his son, friend and ex-wife, ‘El Jefe’ becomes so famous you’ll believe it’s real.

This will keep you craving for Cubanos and good food. Still salivating over the dishes he made in the movie. The cast is also really great, starring lots of favorite actors of our time.