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Light Eggplant Recipe + Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Working out is an amazing thing to be doing on Saturday mornings and Sylphide helped me get out of bed early a few weeks ago. What they did was host a healthy breakfast and workout sessions, seasoned with an hour talk with a cool and hip nutritionist called Nadine Issa. We talked about how to sustain a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy the meals we love and cherish, so I thought I’d share what I basically learnt on that day. Continue Reading “Light Eggplant Recipe + Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle”

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5 Things London : Places to grab a quick & cheap(ish) lunch in Soho/Covent Garden

If you’re faithful readers of this blog, you’ll know that half of my heart lives in London, the city of my childhood travels and last student year. What’s more, is that my sister’s been living there for the last three years so I’ve been visiting frequently. Inspiration strikes when I’m there and we constantly find loads of things worth sharing. So if you frequently visit London for work or to visit family and friends, here’s a series destined to give you a glimpse of the city through our eyes. 

This week, it’s all about workweek lunch. Here are 5 places to grab a quick lunch in Soho/Covent Garden.

Grabbing a cheap and delicious lunch in soho / covent garden can be a bit of a struggle when you’re indecisive and looking for a good value and satisfying meal. The overwhelming choices and the fear of falling into a tourist trap can be paralysing (too dramatic?) next thing you know, it’s 2 pm and you still haven’t decided where to eat!
After months of exploring, we bring you 5 great places to eat a cheap (ish) and exciting lunch:

Koshari st (A small Egyptian shop on St Martin’s Lane which serves only a couple of dishes – perfect for a filling and cheap meal. Try the hot sauce which is not killer hot and will add flavour to your dish!)
Wellbeing kitchen (A low budget korean cafe in covent garden which serves a number of Korean favourites for a surprisingly low price. The chicken katsu curry is one of the best we’ve ever had. The free miso soup that comes with almost every meal is a real treat.)
Smack lobster (A small cafe style space on Dean street that serves a variety of lobster rolls and lobster chowder. The seven samurai lobster roll is a must. The buttery soft but slightly crunchy bun is heavenly)
Pepe (An all time favorite, also on St Martin’s Lane, serves a variety of italian food. Get a box with a combination of two different pastas and thank us later. Unless you’re on a diet, then we’re really sorry)
Tobiko (Although slightly on the more expensive side, this small sushi shop on Garrick street is well worth it. Their hand rolls are honestly the best, with a proper crispy seaweed wrap – as it should be! The crab and avocado hand roll is so good you’ll feel a bit sad when it’s over.)
Bon appetit!

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A Must-Read Travel Book

Most people view travel as a luxury. They only wait until they’ve saved extra money or secured someone to babysit their child to book a ticket and fly off to see a new part of this world. You may be revolted by the fact that I think travel is always possible – within limits, of course. For my part, I try to squeeze in a trip any chance I get as I truly believe travel is an experience worth investing in. It helps you broaden your perspective, de-dramatize otherwise catastrophic situations and understand (or should I say accept) people’s behavior better.

I believe my sister Mia gives the most inspiring gifts. Last Christmas, she gave Jean that awesome book that marked me from page one. To quote a part of the intro:

We’ve all seen the bottom of a cup-o-noodle, more than once. So how can you afford to travel? By redefining travel to be more about hostels and street food and less about resorts and cruises, the biggest initial expense then comes down to that first flight out of the country.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this! In your opinion, is travel a luxury or a necessity?

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The Breadonbutter 2015 LAST-MINUTE Gift List

This year, it’s all about last-minute. We’ve been moving since the beginning of the month so you can imagine the mess we’re living in. I am thankful for every bit of it, but I’ve been neglecting Christmas planning – which is wrong for someone who drinks in an ‘I Heart Christmas’ mug all year long. It’s the last week before Christmas. The day is fast approaching and we’re expecting the first batch of family members this week already! I better get moving with their gifts as they come bearing presents from the land of beautiful things 😉 I thought I would write my list of last-minute gift ideas for those of you who, like me, have had no time to shop yet.

1) Polygel cookie cutters or stamps, with an adorable mold of the shape you prefer.

On the top of my list, a gift for home bakers! The best thing about this is that you can choose and order everything online. Just head to their website and make your selection.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter


Photo taken from their website.

2) A board game.

Nights in are the new Saturday night fever. Card games and board games are the first choice for a Saturday night in winter, hand in hand with great cheese of course. A board game like the all-new Monopoly or Risk is perfect for the cool geek in your family.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

 Photo taken from google.

3) Double wall cups – MG supplies.

For the family members or friends who have just moved in, those double-wall glasses are perfect to drink their hot tea or espresso in style.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

 Photo taken from MG Supplies.

4) H&M Home objects.

Also for those who have just moved in – excuse the bias – head to H&M Home. Pure bliss.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

Photo taken from their website.

5) A Lonely Planet book collection.

This is for the hard-core travellers. Depending on your budget, make a selection of Lonely Planet books and wrap them into one gift to inspire their new traveling year.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

 Photo taken from google.

6) Jamie Oliver Cookbook series.

This is for the crazy Jamie fan (hint, hint). You know those people, so enough said.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

 Photo taken from google.

7) Tea collection – Kusmi Tea.

For your mother who loves tea and hosts afternoons at her house, a beautiful and colorful Kusmi Tea selection is the best choice.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

Photo taken from their facebook page.

8) Ye!! Speaker.

That’s for the cool young brother whose world is music. He can take it wherever he goes.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

Photo taken from google.

9) A dinner with Bibayti.

Christmas time is followed by some special events. Be it valentine’s or a capricorn’s birthday, there’s nothing better than inviting them for dinner at their own home.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

Photo taken from their facebook page.

10) KitchenAid toaster.

Many of us wake up just for breakfast. This toaster would make anyone think twice about hitting that snooze button.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

 Photo from MG Supplies.

11) Lamps for the bedroom or office – Decalé.

That’s for the uncle who works from home. The choice of lamps at Decalé is as confusing as beautiful.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutter

Photo from their facebook page.

12) A wonder.full box.

The good thing about this gift is that there’s a box for every personality. Head to their website to browse your choices.

last-minute gift list | breadonbutterPhoto from their facebook page.

For more ideas, head to

For previous years gift ideas, click here and here.

Any other ideas?

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August Bucket List

Despite the fact that it’s burning hot, August has to be a month I love given that it’s the month I was born in (YEAY!). Those of you who were also born in August and the other ones who know of a person who was born in August, must be aware of how much we love our birthdays. I thought my love for that day would fade away with time, but I find myself with the same excitement as when I was a kid.  It’s just one of the things in life that make me happy.

This month is full of plans, including lazy days at the beach and barbecues with friends in the mountains. Although I won’t be able to take time off from work, I plan on making the most of the hottest month of summer before everything calms down again and our lives get back to a somewhat normal routine. So here goes.

Breadonbutter’s August Bucket List

  1. Get back into DIY projects. Since we lost my grandma last Christmas, I’ve been trying to keep her values through the things she used to do herself. It certainly were little things but with a huge impact on everyone.
  2. Appreciate the things we have in this country instead of focusing on what we don’t have (which is plenty, grant it).
  3. Get active again on Pinterest. I just love this platform but I’ve been setting it aside lately.
  4. Keep on working hard. My main resolution for 2015 was to work hard and I’m keeping it.
  5. Start working out again. Swimming might be my only option, and on weekends only.
  6. Cook cakes again. I miss baking so much it hurts.
  7. Eat healthy 85% of the time as I have come to really like it.
  8. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. It shouldn’t be that hard with the current temperature outside.
  9. Re-focus on my blog. My bad for working too much on other things.
  10. Write somewhere outside the blog.
  11. Create rituals. I’ve been enjoying many simple things lately, like an evening bbq with friends by the beach, so I’m planning on keeping those wonderful gatherings alive.
  12. Plan a kick-ass birthday (Obviously!) 😀
  13. Laugh out loud more often.
  14. Collaborate with more people.
  15. Stay nice. With everything happening around us, we tend to be aggressive and on the defensive. But I won’t let the heat and garbage get to me!

Any plans this August?

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March Bucket List

In February, I shared my decision to write a bucket list every month of 2015 and promised to try and follow it. You can read my February bucket list on this link. I tried to achieve everything but succeeded in only doing some of the items on my list, like cooking Ramen, and healthy dishes, I tried Spin the Hen and Prune Bistro so that’s my 2 new restaurants to try out, I went to yoga class as much as I could, discovered new songs (new playlist coming soon), I discovered a new ingredients (soon on the product of the week series), planned a trip (but to a place I’ve already been to – sneak peek), and watched the theory of everything (awesome movie!). So this month, I’m keeping some of the things I didn’t do on my list and adding new ones as well. Here goes.

Breadonbutter’s March Bucket List

  1. I’m going to Paris at the end of the month. I’ve already been there tons of times, but I plan on discovering new things I’ve never even seen in this city.
  2. Try a no-flour cake (and make it puff up)
  3. Go someplace new in Lebanon – Any suggestion would be most welcomed
  4. Develop my photography skills with the help of these cool videos
  5. Discover at least one of Beirut’s hidden gems
  6. Walk around more instead of taking the car everywhere
  7. Drink more smoothies as afternoon snacks
  8. Start Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage
  9. Cook an ethnic meal (maybe Ethiopian)
  10. Try to make giant meringues (with success)
  11. Make homemade donuts
  12. Watch The Darjeeling Limited , Birdman and Waitress (both recommendations of Beirutista and Nouchaline) – I’ve been so hooked up on series that I don’t make time for actual movies anymore

Any other suggestion? 🙂

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The Soup Series: Lentils, Potatoes and Chard

The cold weather is back. This only means it’s time for soups! I can’t believe I’m writing this with excitement as soup was my utmost nightmare when I was younger. But here I am, drooling over this recipe we made yesterday, only wanting to make it again. All of its components are healthy nutrients as they’re all vegetables (yes, lentils count as vegetables), and needless to say, vegetables have numerous advantages. Including a lot of  vegetables in your diet will help reduce heart diseases, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. They are also high in Vitamins, Potassium, and dietary fiber (source:

The recipe is really easy and it will keep you warm!

What you’ll need (for 4 persons):


– 500 g of fresh chard, cutting only the leaves and throwing away the stems

– 1.5 cups of lentils

– 1 small potato, peeled and cut into cubes

– 1.5 liters of water

– Salt and Pepper

– 4 cloves of garlic, crushed

– The juice of 2 lemons


How to make it:

1) Boil the lentils until tender, but not fully cooked


2) Add the potatoes and the chard then cook for another 20 minutes or until the potatoes are tender

Hint: If you want to make your soup thicker, you can grate a small potato and add it to the mix.


3) Add the lemon juice and crushed garlic and serve with a fresh load of bread!




As simple as that 🙂

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Design Item Of The Week: PANTONE Universe

As a lover of design objects with a cool twist, and an addict of decorative items with a unique touch for the home, I have decided to start this new series where I’ll be showing you a specific item I fell in love with (that you will probably fall in love with too) hoping to inspire you (as always).

If you’re into the creative world of communication Arts, you have surely heard about Pantone. Today, I’m sharing a few pictures of Pantone products I spotted in Milan at La Rinascente Design Supermarket (a place that shouldn’t be missed by design-lovers of this world). But first, let me summarize the story behind PANTONE and how they came to be.

PANTONE is basically a color provider to enable a proper communication of the specific color needed across a variety of industries. They provide a lot of services ranging from graphic arts to color management. What more, the key attraction here is PANTONE UNIVERSE, which is a collection of lifestyle products based on a variety of colors. You can find products ranging from kitchen items to stationery to travel gear. It’s simply amazing. They also write seasonal Color Reports that they publish on their website (check out one of them here).

So here are some pictures of PANTONE mugs and kitchen items I spotted at La Rinascente 2 weeks ago.

Design item of the week - Pantone Universe - Breadonbutter


What do you think?