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Quick and Easy Bok Choy Hot Salad

Asian food is really my weakness. So you can imagine the thrill of uncovering Bok Choy at a local supermarket. Bok Choy is a Chinese cabbage and it is full of vitamins. So we finally found it and decided to get inventive. It’s now one of the most frequent accompaniments to our everyday dishes. You can use Bok Choy as a substitute to all of your salads and cooked vegetables and cook it in different ways every time.

Tonight, for dinner, here’s how you can make use of Bok Choy to go alongside, say, a nice omelette or grilled protein.

All you need (for 2 persons) is:

– Bok Choy (as much as you’d like of course)

– 2 Small Shallots (sliced)

– Oyster sauce (1 to 2 tablespoon)

– Salt and Pepper

– Olive or vegetable oil for greasing the wok or pan

DSC_0004DSC_0010How to make it:

1) In a lightly greased wok (or pan), cook the shallots

2) Add the oyster sauce and the Bok Choy


3) Serve when the Bok Choy has a darker color and is no longer crunchy looking


It’s simple, delicious and full of goodness!


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What’s Really in Your Pantry?

I just love opening that cupboard in the kitchen with all the meal and snack ideas. This cupboard is where I like to keep limited canned goods for when you’re in a meal hurry- I say limited because there are only a few canned things I like – drinks, healthy (and a few fatty) snacks, and some sauces.

Choosing carefully what to have in that cupboard can help you save a lot and constantly keep what you need at an easy reach.

So here are a few of the things I never let myself run out of:

Canned goods:

Canned goods

– Tuna in water

– Some salad toppings like Palmito and Artichoke Hearts and Asparagus

– Cooked Beans

–  Bamboo shoots for an Asian vegetable recipe

– Coconut milk in case you wish to add it to your Asian dish

Rice and Pasta:

Pasta and rice

– Plain white Basmati rice

– Brown Rice – a very healthy option

– Sushi sticky Rice

– Spaghetti

– Risotto Rice



– All kinds of tea

– Hot Chocolate

– Coffee

– Nespresso capsules


Asian Corner:

Processed with Rookie

– Sesame Oil

– Soy Sauce

– Rice Vinegar – I strongly recommend this. It counts as 0 calories and brings a lot of flavor to your salads. You also need it to make sushi rice.

– Fish Sauce and Oyster Sauce. Adding one tablespoon of these sauces to your dish will make it a lot tastier.

– Rice Paper for fresh vegetable rolls (recipe soon)

– Sesame seeds

– Porcini Mushrooms (that you can also use in a nice risotto recipe)

– Tongorashi powder (to spice up your dishes or sushi)

Other sauces:


– Tomato Sauce

– Stock

– Tabasco

– Worcestershire Sauce

Life Pleasures:


– A jar of Nutella for “I don’t care about anything anymore” moments

– Dark Chocolate

– Pop Corn

– Salt & Vinegar Rice Crackers

– Chocolate Pasta I bought back in London at ‘Hotel Chocolat’ (I promise to share the recipe soon)

What’s in your pantry? Anything else you’d recommend? 🙂