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Seinfeld On The Supermarket Experience

This is a very funny Seinfeld bit I found on youtube on the Supermarket experience. The best part is when he talks about the milk (starting 2:57).

“People are never really sure if they have milk. ‘I think we have milk, we might have milk in the fridge. I know there’s a carton in there but I don’t how long it’s been there.’ Cuz you want to be sure. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have milk then not having it […]. So you pick up the milk and discover you already have milk. Now you’ve got too much milk and it’s a race against the clock and the expiration date.”

Make sure you watch till the end, he says something really funny about cows at minute 5:33.

Here it is, a bit of humor in your dinner! 🙂

Don’t you just love Jerry Seinfeld? His jokes will never get old!