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7 Apps For Traveling I Can’t Go Without

Whenever I travel, I find myself longing for the time when we had simple paper maps to take us wherever we wanted to go. Back then, life was simpler. We hadn’t even heard of a smart phone yet and disconnecting from reality was way easier. Technology has its pros and cons. Sure, we’re not easily disconnected anymore, we have increased FOMO and we need holidays even after our holidays, but it has its perks. I try not to get too addicted to apps and spend my time enjoying the scenery rather than my iPhone screen, so I only have 7 apps I rely on when I travel. Here they are.

7 Apps For Traveling I Can’t Go Without 

1) – To keep your hotel address and booking on your phone at all times.

2) Swarm – To check in everywhere I go and remember it when I’m home.

3) Zomato – To accurately satisfy our food cravings.

4) Google Maps – To know where to go and how to get there (bus, metro/tube, cycling, walking and even uber) at all times with accurate timing.

5) Citymapper – Because google maps is sometimes quite stubborn (can you relate?).

6) Time Out Discover Your City – For fun things to do and trendy places to go to.

7) Uber – For the rainy and tired moments!

I would love new purposeful apps suggestions for when traveling, so please go ahead in the comment section below 😉

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Last night, we were all invited by Zomato to the Beirut Premier of the long-awaited movie BURNT in City Center’s VOX cinema.

BURNT is a comedy-drama starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl, Matthew Rhys, Alicia Vikander, Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson. I absolutely love each of these actors and it was a delight to watch them all in roles of cooks, Chefs, Critics and Psychoanalysts.

In the movie, Adam Jones plays the role of a famous Chef who lost his restaurant because of drugs and unpredictable behavior. When he tries to rebuild his life in London in the hope of gaining his third Michelin Stars, we witness his ups and downs along with his mouthwatering dishes.

I found the movie a bit too long for the plot but for those of us who appreciate cooking techniques, it passed by like a breeze.

BURNT is out on the 30th of October in all cinemas so make sure to watch it if you’re a true foodie! Here’s the trailer if you’d like a preview.

Will you watch it?

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