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September Bucket List

I started off the month of august full of motivation and positivism, but I must admit, despite me being a generally positive person, it was the hardest month yet in 2015. Not only was the weather extremely not helpful, but sadly, our country is in the worst state it could ever be. We’ve been fighting […]

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August Bucket List

Despite the fact that it’s burning hot, August has to be a month I love given that it’s the month I was born in (YEAY!). Those of you who were also born in August and the other ones who know of a person who was born in August, must be aware of how much we […]

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July Bucket List

Today is the 1rst of July and I’m still wondering how Christmas has come and gone. Time does fly, which puts pressure on our goals and the means we use to achieve them. The last week of June has been life-changing career-wise and even though I’m not one to regret any decision I make, I […]

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June Bucket List

This month, I’m 2 days late with my bucket list. Without making excuses, May was really hectic yet interesting and I’m proud to say I can cross off most of last month’s things I wanted to achieve. I collaborated with two of my favorite bloggers: Maya from Playing with Fashion, and Hisham from Cook in […]

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May Bucket List

I’ve really come to enjoy those monthly bucket lists as they give me goals I feel I should achieve. Coming up with goals requires you to dig deeper and think about what you’d like to do and accomplish in this life. I know they’re small things but they contribute a lot to the bigger picture, […]

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April Bucket List

It’s been two bucket lists since 2015 and since I’m sharing them with you, I find myself making an effort to follow them. In March, my bucket list was quite short and easy to follow. I made a flour-less cake but it didn’t puff up ;), I planned my trip to Paris and made lists of new […]

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March Bucket List

In February, I shared my decision to write a bucket list every month of 2015 and promised to try and follow it. You can read my February bucket list on this link. I tried to achieve everything but succeeded in only doing some of the items on my list, like cooking Ramen, and healthy dishes, […]

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February Bucket List

Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I always stumble upon things that inspire me. I always jot down my flowing ideas and I end up with notes everywhere – on my phone, on my desk, on my bedside table, in my Moleskine, or even on a supermarket bill in the car. So to channel […]

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Healthy Lactose-Free Chocolate Smoothie Mousse

In one of this year’s bucket lists, I vowed to find new ingredients and twist recipes around. Since then, I’ve discovered new types of flour, milk, butter and oil, all of them healthier than one another. I’ve replaced the traditional ingredients I usually use in cakes and snacks with these recently discovered healthy options, and […]