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Bistr’eau Batroun

The new kid in town. Bistr’eau. This place holds a very special place to my heart as it is my husband’s hard earned success. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know my husband Jean (initially an electrical engineer and financial consultant) is a food lover and amateur Chef. His dream for the past few years was to have that restaurant where he would go crazy and work on his passion. This summer, he found it. Continue Reading “Bistr’eau Batroun”

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Designer Eats – The Netherlands Part II: Termarsch & Co in Rotterdam

After Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen experience, Maria and her sister take us to one of the best burger places in Rotterdam.

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Here is part two of Maria’s foodie journey through the Netherlands and it takes place at Termarsch & Co., Rotterdam.

After a long visit to museums, we were starving. While walking in the Witt de Withstraat neighborhood in Rotterdam, we randomly stopped at a Burger Place that grabbed our attention. The street, usually much busier and artsy, was more or less calm on an early Tuesday afternoon.

The place looked cool from the outside, and since I am a huge burger lover, I could not convince myself of not going in to try a burger in a country famous for its international cuisine!

Once in, the freezer above the mezzanine grabbed my attention. I guess this is where they store meat! It was actually cool, I’d definitely save this idea!

We got the menu which was fully in dutch so the waiter told us about each burger, giving an additional tip regarding the burger I chose, the Lady Burger: It won the 2015 Best Burger Prize in the Netherlands. Its description in the menu read:

Scottish Angus Beef en Japans Wagyu, met lakjus van wintertruffel, jonge sla, augurk, pruimtomaat, Spaanse ui, boerenkaas en Ter Marsch saus. 

Translation: Scottish Angus Beef and Japanese Wagyu, with lakjus winter truffle, young lettuce, pickles, plum tomato, red onion, farm and Ter Marsch sauce.

How could I not try it?

I did, and boy do I really not regret it! As soon as I held it in my hands, the juice came out. It was really delicious and one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, so were the fries and the homemade mayo with curry!

termarsch & co | breadonbutter

I highly recommend it. If you have the chance to visit Rotterdam, make sure you stop by Termarsch & Co.

And if you’re not, what are you waiting for to plan your 2015 summer vacation? 😀

Anyone else craving a burger right now?! Thank you again Maria! 😉 

About Maria

As a conceptual designer and thinker, I always strive to develop ideas based on an original and unconventional approach.With a professional training in Product Design and Interior & Living Design, 
my practice has evolved throughout the past years by focusing on products, spaces and user experience design. This led me to develop a passion for interactive media and communication strategies, often influencing my teaching at the Lebanese American University.

When I found myself alone in Italy, I had to cook to survive and that’s how my love for cooking was born! 🙂

I perceive cooking as a meditation tool, but find satisfaction only after sharing the tasting experience with friends! Yes, my food is yummy and you should try it!

I like to explore cooking with colors, textures, forms and emotions, I mix them up intuitively so it’s always hard to write an accurate recipe with exact quantities! What matters though is the look (for dreaming)… then the taste (for feeling)!

Happy eating!

You can follow her on twitter and instagram (both accounts are @mariawanted).

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