Lately, Lebanese people have been feeling exhausted (know more here). Mostly mentally, but also physically because the mind automatically impacts the body. Emotional exhaustion is basically losing sleep, fighting off anxiety, analyzing what to do, coming up with Plan Bs, Cs, Ds and Es, and keeping up with a somewhat normal life (maintaining our jobs and for us parents, keeping up with our kids who have no clue about what is happening ). On a personal level, I was recently on the verge of a burn out, which qualifies as the “emotionally exhausted” level. I had to act fast in order to stay strong for my family and not let myself crumble and reach actual burn out.

So, from that experience, here are a few tips on how to quickly get back on your feet when facing emotional exhaustion:

  • Stop everything and get back to bed. Turn off your phone (or divert all calls except the school or nursery for parents), turn on the TV for something light and just sit there with a warm cup of tea/coffee for a few hours. Do not consider this a waste of time! If this is what you need to do to self-care, then do it.
  • Feeling like leaving the house and seeing people is too much? Just don’t. There is nothing wrong with shutting yourself out for as long as you need. Forget about social pressure. Your mind needs it.
  • Cooking is therapy. Dive into meal prep, dough-making and baking. You won’t regret it.
  • Pile up romantic comedies and light reads, and wind down.
  • If you’re into it, start writing a journal. Pour your thoughts on a piece of paper that no one will ever see. There’s something magical about it. If you’re not into writing down your feelings, something as small as a food log might make you happy.
  • Create new self-care habits, like drinking a camomille/ glass of wine before bed, or a new skincare routine. Whatever small thing that makes you happy! 
  • Last but not least, talk to someone! It can be a life coach, a psychologist or even chatting away with those few close friends you’ve made over the years. The ones that understand you and would never ever judge you. Chances are they feel the same.

Any other fast self-care tips during emotional exhaustion? Let us know!

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We all spend half of the week planning the weekend, from where to eat to which group of friends to hang out with. On Friday, a feeling of happiness envelops us and we feel on top of the world. Saturday is the best day of our lives, but then, like a bullet in the head, Sunday night hits us. This feeling of having to go back to school on Monday morning never leaves us, even as we grow older. After brainstorming ideas to overcome the Sunday blues with Jean and Fadsfood, we came up with a list of things you can do.

How to overcome the Sunday Blues

1) It all starts on Friday. Do not get blinded by your TGIF  joy and write your Monday to-do list on Friday. That way, you can have fun and disconnect all weekend knowing that everything is written down and tucked away.

2) Do not schedule any meetings for Monday, leave them for Tuesday thus giving yourself a day to collect your thoughts after the weekend.

3) On Sunday night, organize sunset drinks with fun friends. You’ll see that everyone has to work the next day and that you’re not alone in this world.

4) Avoid going to the movies on Sunday afternoon or evening. It will immediately trigger the Sunday blues feeling.

5) Do not leave the beach early. Instead, enjoy the sunset and plan a nice dinner by the sea. That will also allow you to also avoid the traffic jam and all the negative thinking you might end up doing in the car.

6) Prepare your outfit and work kit on Sunday night instead of running around on Monday morning. Knowing you’re all set for the next day will make you feel a lot better.

7) Plan to jog on Monday early morning and focus on it as the first thing you’ll be doing on that new week.

8) Move your Sunday family lunch to Saturday and spend Sunday with friends somewhere far from the city.

9) Plan a gathering at home on Sunday night and cook for some friends while sipping drinks on the terrace (or balcony)

10) De-clutter. It’s the principle of removing unnecessary and unused items from an overcrowded place of work/living/etc. If you remove one or several items that you have not used for a long time but that you were still attached to, trust us, you WILL feel relieved (as small an action as it sounds).

There will be more tips on the subject as time goes by and as we discover new ways to fight this feeling. Meanwhile, please do share with us how you do it!  We’d love to hear!

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I’ve been watching people cook for as long as I can remember. Writing down kitchen tips and hints is known to be my thing and I still carry my old-fashioned notebook in every kitchen I visit (it’s actually almost full now and I panic at the idea of buying a new one and starting afresh).

One of the dishes I watch being cooked every single year is the Turkey my mom (Christina) makes on Christmas day. What I love the most about it is that she names it differently every year after someone who brings luck.

Turkey is not usually my thing as I mostly think it’s a dry meat that makes me full a few bites through. However, and I’m not saying this because it’s my mom, the turkey she makes is never dry. She even succeeded in making people who could never imagine having it for a meal fall in love with it. It’s so tender and juicy you can’t help not having at least a bite of it, accompanied with its special rice and grilled chestnuts of course. You can check the nutritious advantages of chestnuts in this post by Carla Mourad.

turkey | breadonbutter

So after years of observations and questioning, I bring you tips to make the best out of your turkey this Christmas!

  1. The Size: Your turkey has to be small – i.e. be a maximum of 6 kilograms, so it doesn’t get too dry. The bigger the turkey, the drier it will be. If you must make a bigger quantity for a larger party, 2 small turkeys are better than a big one
  2. The Seasoning: While the turkey is still raw, scrub it with a mix of : 7 spices, coarse salt and lemon juice. Then, rub it well with a mix of Dijon Mustard and Moutarde a l’Ancienne de Dijon (grain mustard)
  3. The Resting Period: Let the kneaded turkey rest in the fridge overnight or even for a whole 24 hours, covered hermetically with aluminum foil
  4. The Roasting: On D day, be careful with the cooking process. The first thing to do is to roast the turkey in a pre-heated oven, uncovered for an hour, on high heat. This allows it to caramelize and bring out its flavors
  5. The Cooking Time: After the 1 hour of roasting, cover the turkey hermetically with aluminum foil and cook it for 4 to 5 hours (depending on its weight – each kg counts for 1 hour) on very low heat
  6. The Juicing Process: Do not leave it for 4 to 5 hours in a row! Take it out of the oven every hour, uncover it and juice it with its own juice. Take advantage to set some of the juice aside for the sauce later
  7. The Hermetic Cover: Make sure to close it hermetically. No particle of air should come out from or enter the turkey dish!

To sum up, the most important factors to pay attention to, are:

  • Extremely low oven temperature
  • Mustard and Spices
  • Airtight cover
  • PATIENCE! After all, it is 6 hours of dedication to a pretty fat bird 😉

Do you make your own turkey? Any other tips?

Party after party, open house after open house, Christmas time turns you into one stuffed ball of food. It’s almost impossible not to accept the treats and dishes being offered. You eat and eat. You taste one’s turkey and one’s chestnuts, you have hot chocolate by the Christmas tree, you go out for fondue, and you have yet another square of parmesan cheese. Next thing you know, those beautiful clothes you had planned on wearing don’t fit and you’re asked what happened to you. So here’s how you can at least avoid gaining weight and stay healthy during this Holiday season. These are 9 healthy holiday tips I learned over the years as I’m prone to weakness when it comes to good food.

BreadOnbutter 9 healthy holiday tips:

1) Friends and Family – Yes your friends and family are all here, they’re visiting and what you mostly do is eat. But why not catch up over a fun hiking or snowshoeing trip? Or even go somewhere where there’s snow, build a snowman and then snow fight?

2) Transport – Leave your car at home. Run your errands in the same specific region and walk from place to place.

3) Dessert – When I know I have say, 4 important annual Christmas parties to attend, I choose the one who makes the best dessert and eat only dessert there. My favorite Mont Blanc is my mom’s so I reserve myself for that specific one and no other!

4) Appetizers – Right before the party meal, swap the crackers on the table for raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes as dippers with the dips. Save the carbs for the main meal! And choose baked nuts over checkers mix.

5) Drinks – When it comes to drinks: choose lemon sparkle water instead of sodas. For alcohol, choose vodka, gin, wine etc. instead of cocktails and punch .

6) Activity levels – Keep yourself really busy. If you know you’re going to a Christmas dinner, don’t spend your afternoon munching things around the kitchen. Go out for a walk, work out or meet a friend for coffee or tea (no cakes or desserts!) or volunteer to help the host wherever and whenever you can.

7) Socializing – When you’re socializing at a party, don’t do it next to any appetizer table. It will only make you unconsciously eat more.

8 ) Meals – Never go to the party hungry! We all know you’ll splurge on crisps and pistachios as soon as you get there, skipping all the good stuff and packing more calories than you should.

9) Schedule – Modify your eating times according to the estimated dinnertime. If you know you’ll be having dinner at around 9:30 pm, have a late lunch full of proteins and vegetables and two late and healthy snacks before the party.

Any tip to add? I’d love to know your tricks! 🙂

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 I wish you awesome Holidays!

Almost everyone I know is on a constant struggle to develop healthy habits and stick to them. Lately, healthy tips are always part of any discussion. In this day and age, I think being healthy is crucial – if not all the time, then at least 80% of the time.

On my quest to finding the perfect healthy living balance, I have learnt to stick to a few habits that can help you be a healthy person.

Here they are:

1) Always have detox water in your fridge. Just cut up ginger and lemon slices, put them in a jar, pour water over them and let the whole mix infuse in your fridge. Drink one glass every morning.


2) Have freshly cut carrots and cucumbers, or cherry tomatoes in your fridge ready for when you’re crazily looking for something to munch on in the house. We all go through those lazy afternoons watching tv, craving something to chew on. Carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes will satisfy this need with almost no calorie count. Plus, they have a lot of benefits.


3) Replace everything white with brown stuff: brown bread, brown rice, brown everything! It’s the same amount of calories, granted, but it’s way healthier.

4) When having sushi, opt for more sashimi and less sauce-filled makis


5) There should be absolutely no bags of crisps anywhere to be seen in the house

6) Have a green tea (preferrably fresh) every afternoon

7) When you’re craving for something sweet or fulfilling during the empty hours of the day, have a foamy cappuccino with skimmed milk (skip the fat). Guaranteed satisfaction!

That’s it for now. But I will be sharing all of my new acquired healthy habits over time, so stay tuned 🙂