On my last trip to London, my sister and I decided to take a few days off from the city and go see something new in England. My mom was there with us as we hopped on a three-hour train to the Lake District. I was looking forward to a calm weekend in the British countryside, away from the city rush. Having lived in a small British town before, I missed that fresh air and tranquil rhythm. I was excited for a weekend of walking in nature, fresh scenery and local food.The Lake District is a mountainous region in the county of Cumbria in North West England. Cumbria is home to the highest mountain of England (Scafell Pike), as well as its largest natural lake: Windermere – which is where we spent our weekend. Lake District is famous for its lakes, forests and mountains, so we were in for a treat! We returned to London full of energy and a clear mind.

A weekend at Lake District, England

After checking in, put on your comfortable shoes and start walking around town. It is the friendliest place I’ve been to recently. Shops, cafés, restaurants, and bars are all close to each other. When you walk a bit further down, you get to the lake where you can enjoy an amazing scenery and relax.

lake district | breadonbutter

What to do:

Walk to Bowness on Windermere (i.e. the lake), enjoy the scenery along the way and book your seat on a boat tour for amazing scenery and a bit of History.

lake district | breadonbutter

The second walk should be on a path only locals are familiar with. We were told how to get to the path and walked down to another side of the lake. It has officially become my happy place.

lake district | breadonbutter

lake district | breadonbutter

On your third walk, which should be done close to sunset, walk up one the hills and get ready for the most beautiful view you’ll ever see.

lake district | breadonbutter

If you’re a fan of books and literature, Beatrix Potter’s museum is a must-visit. There, you’ll find Peter Rabbit and learn more about the great author’s life.

lake district | breadonbutter

Where to Eat + Drink:

We didn’t try all of Windermere’s restaurants and cafés, but I can tell you some of our favorites:

Wild & co. for an amazing sandwich and a great atmosphere

lake district | breadonbutter

Francine’s for a cozy and warm dinner

lake district | breadonbutter

Little Chippy for a nice Fish n’ Chips on the go

lake district | breadonbutter

Homeground Coffee & Kitchen for the most relaxing afternoon tea or coffee, with a scone on the side of course!

lake district | breadonbutter

This weekend will forever stay one of the happiest memories of my life. Also, I always read about finding your happy place for you to be able to go back to it in your mind whenever times are tough, and I can safely say that I have found it.

lake district | breadonbutter

If you live in London or if you’re visiting soon, I suggest you book your train tickets and head there for a break 🙂 

Have you ever been to the Lake District?

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When it comes to exercise, the farther I can get from a gym, the better. I prefer the type of exercise where you don’t really feel you’re having it and count the minutes until it is considered enough. So let’s say that whenever I can, I consider nature to be my gym. Hikes are one of my favorite things to do on a weekend or even on a trip. I’ve also noticed it kind of restarts my brain and gives me more energy to think and start my week afresh. Not to go into too many details, I highly recommend a good hike to reduce your anxiety and stress, to boost your immunity, to give you energy, to make you more productive and help you concentrate.

kadisha valley

In Lebanon, we are spoiled with beautiful places to hike, and they’re all two hours away or less from Beirut. We spent the last two weekends hiking so today I’m sharing one of those days in the Kadisha Valley for inspiration.

The Kadisha Valley, located in Bcharre (click here for the map), is full of important Lebanese history (you can read more about it here). It was my second time hiking there and we spent approximately 6 hours walking down the valley and up again, passing by the Qannoubine monastery. Since it’s the end of winter and the snow is melting, it’s the best time to hike there as you get to see waterfalls and enjoy the perfect weather for hiking. The greenery is also impressive and striking.

kadisha valley

After a long tiring but fun hike, we headed to one of the most popular restaurants in the region, situated in Ehden, called Fardaous (meaning ‘paradise’ 🙂 ). The food was delicious – my opinion here being biased because of extreme hunger 😉 and the view was just perfect.

Here are some photos of the hike for you to get inspired.

kadisha valley kadisha valley hiking hiking wadi kadisha wadi kadisha wadi kadisha | breadonbutter

Don’t forget to stock up on snacks for energy as well as water to keep hydrated and to protect your muscles from cramps that can last days. Our favorite snacks when we go hiking are raw nuts, dried fruits, bananas and coconut bars. Jean has developed the pattern of having a Snickers before the hike, because you’re not you when you’re hungry 😉

Also, if you want to learn more about the region and get a guide who knows all the hiking ways well, you can contact a great guy called Jhonny Bou Ghosn on this number: +961 (3) 290 571

Who here is a fan of hiking? And where do you go? I’d love to know!

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