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Supermarket at your door – Spinneys Delivery

I’ve always been a fan of the supermarket. Ever since I was a child, a trip to buy groceries and roaming around a huge supermarket has always been fun and kind of comforting. I especially love it when I’m in no hurry and have no list to stick to. We just walk around, inspecting aisle after aisle till we find something we need, discover a new product or even welcome products that we’d only seen abroad. Continue Reading “Supermarket at your door – Spinneys Delivery”

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One-Pot Dinners: Chicken and Rice

Yesterday marked the first day of fall. Although the heat is still on and humidity is more stable than ever, this date instantly makes me think about cooler temperatures, fresh air and a light cardigan.

I’ve been looking at recipes lately and I find myself drawn to soups and comfort food. This year, I have come to the decision of making more and more one-pot dinners. I collaborated with Bibayti to create recipes for Happy – the supermarket chain. Here’s a simple and inexpensive chicken and rice (in one pot the whole time, I promise!). Stay tuned for warm food and new recipes throughout the new season! Continue Reading “One-Pot Dinners: Chicken and Rice”

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Seinfeld On The Supermarket Experience

This is a very funny Seinfeld bit I found on youtube on the Supermarket experience. The best part is when he talks about the milk (starting 2:57).

“People are never really sure if they have milk. ‘I think we have milk, we might have milk in the fridge. I know there’s a carton in there but I don’t how long it’s been there.’ Cuz you want to be sure. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have milk then not having it […]. So you pick up the milk and discover you already have milk. Now you’ve got too much milk and it’s a race against the clock and the expiration date.”

Make sure you watch till the end, he says something really funny about cows at minute 5:33.

Here it is, a bit of humor in your dinner! 🙂

Don’t you just love Jerry Seinfeld? His jokes will never get old!