I’ve always been a fan of the supermarket. Ever since I was a child, a trip to buy groceries and roaming around a huge supermarket has always been fun and kind of comforting. I especially love it when I’m in no hurry and have no list to stick to. We just walk around, inspecting aisle after aisle till we find something we need, discover a new product or even welcome products that we’d only seen abroad.

BUT! After having a baby and getting back to work, a long trip to the supermarket has kind of become a luxury. Alex still being too small to sit in the cart and enjoy the experience, I resort to the grocery store down the building or call my husband to ask for stuff he can get on his way home. I’m looking forward to taking Alex with us and kind of “initiate” her to the wonderful world of food and home stuff. Meanwhile, Spinneys is my savior! Not knowing when it was possible for me to leave the baby and spend an hour or 2 at the supermarket, I did it online. With their new Spinneys Delivery service, you kind of get the same experience but from the comfort of your own chair.

First thing I noticed is that I had the same behavior online and offline. I took my time, exploring all categories, debating between different shower gels and puff pastry. The experience was nice and easy andI chose to share its ups and downs with all of you busy people. Here goes:


  • Me being the queen of procrastination, it took me 3 days to finish putting stuff in my cart and finally click the check out button. What I loved was that my cart was still there, untouched. It’s kind of like a saved supermarket list.
  • The website was user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, having the option to log in with our facebook account is important nowadays, what with all the accounts we’re creating online. Another password to remember is not what we need.
  • The ‘shop faster’ option is here for those who don’t want to explore all categories and immediately go for the products they always use and want to find fast.
  • Once you check out, you’re shown 4 pictures of people and get to choose who’s going to do your shopping for you. I had fun imagining the personality of my personal shopper just by looking at the photo.
  • You also get to specify your preferred delivery time, which is super.
  • The shower gel I chose was not available, I got a call from my personal shopper asking me which one I wanted to replace it with.
  • The delivery guys are fun and smiley. I loved how trendy they looked and how polite they were.
  • The payment options are just what we need: cash or card on delivery. Out of cash? No problem!


  • The 100,000 LBP minimum. I get it, but that’s why it took me 3 days.
  • Each time I added something to my cart, I had to scroll back up to make sure it was added.
  • The “pin your address” section of the check out took a bit of time, and even though I pinned it, I received 5 calls from the driver to get the address right.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again! 🙂

Have you tried Spinneys Delivery? Any comments?


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