I’m a huge book lover, a reader who will never switch to kindle or any other technology that could replace a beautiful book’s smell, the touch of its pages and the happiness of seeing it worn out. Don’t you book lovers just have a weakness for run down books, showing the trepidation in which you read them, drank them with your eyes and turned pages avidly wanting more?

A book I thought I’d suggest for you to read this weekend is a book for all foodies who want to hear luscious stories. Mastering the Art of French Eating is written by Ann Mah, a food and travel writer who is married to a diplomat. In the book, they move to Paris for a diplomatic assignment and that’s when they learn that her husband must be in Iraq for a while and that she has to live in Paris alone. Once the Julia Child in Ann Mah kicks in, she embarks on this really great culinary adventure through France, telling us all about the differences in specialties through the country, delicious mouthwatering details included. Believe you me, you’ll want to make a major life move after this book. You’ll probably also want to cook a stew and daydream about a nice lip-smacking choucroute.

Enjoy culinary storytelling at its finest.







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