It is particularly hard to work in an environment that doesn’t resemble you. Even though you still find colleagues with whom you develop affinities and become friends, the environment can still be bad for you. It usually is a bad environment when you feel like you don’t belong or like it doesn’t reflect your personality.

Spending 9 hours in that kind of environment can, with time, become a huge burden. It can make you into someone you are not, someone negative, someone who used to have positive thoughts but who still can’t seem to shove those negative ones away, especially if you usually are sensitive to everything and everyone around you.

One way to relax after work, other than meeting up with loved ones or going out for happy hour, is cooking at home with my husband. I just love it when we plan meals and get home to cook at night. But! Even though I love when we both cook, I have a secret pleasure, which is to cook when no one is watching.

While watching ads on youtube the other day, I stumbled upon the IKEA 2017 series. They’re just awesome and this particular one called out to me. Just watching this made me feel relaxed and happy. It completely changed my mood as it reminded me of who I truly am, and that it can never change if I don’t let it. Watch it and let me know if you feel the peace of mind I did. Cooking therapy is what I like to call it 🙂



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