If you’re faithful readers of this blog, you’ll know that half of my heart lives in London, the city of my childhood travels and last student year. What’s more, is that my sister’s been living there for the last three years so I’ve been visiting frequently. Inspiration strikes when I’m there and we constantly find loads of things worth sharing. So if you frequently visit London for work or to visit family and friends, here’s a series destined to give you a glimpse of the city through our eyes. 

Fall weather is fast approaching. This means the movies are the best place to be. Here are 5 small and cozy cinemas in London.

While the cinema is already a very much loved activity in general, London offers some pretty great venues and experiences which will make you love it even more. So treat yourself to one of these Cinemas on a rainy day – God knows there are many ;).

Electric Cinema Notting Hill – One of the nicest Cinema experiences in London. It’s a bit pricey but well worth it if you’re looking for a relaxing and unique cinema experience. You can also have some dinner afterwards at the Electric Diner next-door, that is, if you’re not stuffed from the amazing selection of bar food inside the theatre. Oh, and don’t forget to take a picture of the outside of the cinema for a very instagramable snap!
Screen on the green – Located in Angel, this one is very similar to Electric Cinema and another very instagrammable venue. I recommend both popcorn and hot dog to avoid major food envy.
Hackney Picturehouse – If you’re looking for a cheap and wonderful cinema experience, then this is just the place. Tickets are cheaper then your usual chain cinema and even though you won’t get the level of comfort that Electric and Screen on the green offer, it’s still such a feel good venue that you will enjoy it without any doubt.
Prince Charles Cinema – The quirkiest place you could ever choose to watch a film, they even offer sing alongs! Enough said.
Rio Cinema – An independent Art Deco cinema in east London with a single screen. It shows a mixture of arthouse and mainstream film. Well worth a visit to this old institution. Get there early though as seats are not assigned!

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