Almost everyone I know is on a constant struggle to develop healthy habits and stick to them. Lately, healthy tips are always part of any discussion. In this day and age, I think being healthy is crucial – if not all the time, then at least 80% of the time.

On my quest to finding the perfect healthy living balance, I have learnt to stick to a few habits that can help you be a healthy person.

Here they are:

1) Always have detox water in your fridge. Just cut up ginger and lemon slices, put them in a jar, pour water over them and let the whole mix infuse in your fridge. Drink one glass every morning.


2) Have freshly cut carrots and cucumbers, or cherry tomatoes in your fridge ready for when you’re crazily looking for something to munch on in the house. We all go through those lazy afternoons watching tv, craving something to chew on. Carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes will satisfy this need with almost no calorie count. Plus, they have a lot of benefits.


3) Replace everything white with brown stuff: brown bread, brown rice, brown everything! It’s the same amount of calories, granted, but it’s way healthier.

4) When having sushi, opt for more sashimi and less sauce-filled makis


5) There should be absolutely no bags of crisps anywhere to be seen in the house

6) Have a green tea (preferrably fresh) every afternoon

7) When you’re craving for something sweet or fulfilling during the empty hours of the day, have a foamy cappuccino with skimmed milk (skip the fat). Guaranteed satisfaction!

That’s it for now. But I will be sharing all of my new acquired healthy habits over time, so stay tuned 🙂


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