Party after party, open house after open house, Christmas time turns you into one stuffed ball of food. It’s almost impossible not to accept the treats and dishes being offered. You eat and eat. You taste one’s turkey and one’s chestnuts, you have hot chocolate by the Christmas tree, you go out for fondue, and you have yet another square of parmesan cheese. Next thing you know, those beautiful clothes you had planned on wearing don’t fit and you’re asked what happened to you. So here’s how you can at least avoid gaining weight and stay healthy during this Holiday season. These are 9 healthy holiday tips I learned over the years as I’m prone to weakness when it comes to good food.

BreadOnbutter 9 healthy holiday tips:

1) Friends and Family – Yes your friends and family are all here, they’re visiting and what you mostly do is eat. But why not catch up over a fun hiking or snowshoeing trip? Or even go somewhere where there’s snow, build a snowman and then snow fight?

2) Transport – Leave your car at home. Run your errands in the same specific region and walk from place to place.

3) Dessert – When I know I have say, 4 important annual Christmas parties to attend, I choose the one who makes the best dessert and eat only dessert there. My favorite Mont Blanc is my mom’s so I reserve myself for that specific one and no other!

4) Appetizers – Right before the party meal, swap the crackers on the table for raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes as dippers with the dips. Save the carbs for the main meal! And choose baked nuts over checkers mix.

5) Drinks – When it comes to drinks: choose lemon sparkle water instead of sodas. For alcohol, choose vodka, gin, wine etc. instead of cocktails and punch .

6) Activity levels – Keep yourself really busy. If you know you’re going to a Christmas dinner, don’t spend your afternoon munching things around the kitchen. Go out for a walk, work out or meet a friend for coffee or tea (no cakes or desserts!) or volunteer to help the host wherever and whenever you can.

7) Socializing – When you’re socializing at a party, don’t do it next to any appetizer table. It will only make you unconsciously eat more.

8 ) Meals – Never go to the party hungry! We all know you’ll splurge on crisps and pistachios as soon as you get there, skipping all the good stuff and packing more calories than you should.

9) Schedule – Modify your eating times according to the estimated dinnertime. If you know you’ll be having dinner at around 9:30 pm, have a late lunch full of proteins and vegetables and two late and healthy snacks before the party.

Any tip to add? I’d love to know your tricks! 🙂

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 I wish you awesome Holidays!



  1. Chex Mix are a fetish for me–my consolation is that they’re baked, and they’re definitely less filling/fatty than nuts. Lucky you–homemade Mont Blanc sounds dreamy!

    • Wow great news about the chex mix! I was once told they were more fatty than baked nuts but now that you’re telling me this I’ll just go get some! 🙂

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