Going back to Khater’s fig and brie shells, it has come to our attention that the things you can do with those pastries are numerous indeed. They’re an easy fix for any salty or sweet bites you wish to entertain your guests with. What we created last week, were these delicious White Chocolate and Raspberry Rolls. It is super easy, fast and will leave your guests entirely satisfied.
What you’ll need is simple:
– Filo pastries (we used triangular ones here)
– 1 box (approximately 150 grams) of Raspberries
– White chocolate
– Powder Sugar – for the last touch
– A chunk of melted butter for glazing

How to make it: 1) Cut the chocolate into small bits

2) On each pastry triangle, line bits of chocolate and a few raspberries (cut in half if you prefer)

3) Roll them by first tightening your grip and folding each corner like in the picture below; then secure with a toothpick

4) Repeat with all of them

5) Place all the rolls on an oven tray and glaze them with a bit of melted butter

6) Place them in the oven (on medium heat) for about 15 minutes or until they look golden

7) Sprinkle powder sugar on top

And serve while still hot!


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