A traveler is someone whose home is not one place, but many places at once. A traveler is someone on constant move, eager to know different cities, towns and villages and eager to experience an array of cultures in the hope of enriching his or her soul and maybe help in the eternal search of the self.

Being born in a specific country, raised there and having a social life there, I have come to realize, does not make it your home. For me, home is where your heart is at ease. It can be in a backpack for all I know. It can be where people you love are, or it can be these different places where you feel that you have found yourself – that is, yourself at your most comfortable.

I, for one, consider myself to have different homes. Having travelled much (noting that “much” is never enough), I have built myself imaginary homes everywhere. In countries I have visited more than once, I find comfort in languages I know and food I love. I also find comfort in corners I like to sit in to sip a coffee and areas I have found to love and dream about when days are tough. Could it be that home is actually in yourself and in the hearts of your loved ones?

I have a lot of friends we can call “citizens of the world”. Max (creator of drifter’s guide to the planet) is someone who decided to see the world and go against the conventions of his culture and I admire him for that. Tania and Thierry, whose wedding we attended last saturday, have made the conscious decision to move cities every 2 years and experience what this world has to offer. I think that’s a great choice. Seeing the world can truly make you a better person. I will never say it enough: travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Having said all this, I had very limited internet access during the past two weeks and I was thus not able to properly share with you all the steps of these wonderful 2 weeks in Italy and Croatia. I’ll therefore make sure to bring everything to you during the next few weeks, hoping to inspire you and serve you with tips for your next travels.

Also, it’s a new start for Breadonbutter as I will also be sharing new subjects more related to lifestyle (additionally to food of course) . After all, we’re all about Food & Things 🙂

Thank you for following and stay tuned! 🙂


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