Today it’s weird, today I smell chocolate. Everywhere I go, either someone’s buying a chocolate bar while I fervently stick to my bottle of water, or someone is making a hot chocolate with a lovely proliferating smell. What is it with chocolate that makes us giddy? And how did this magical little bar come to be?

Take a look at this week’s infographic and learn more about the making of our little beloved snacks. But before you scroll down, here are 4 exquisite chocolate and food pairings that should be tried asap.

– With cheese: Goats cheese + Hazelnuts + Berries + Dark Chocolate

– As a dessert: Peanuts + Chilies + Milk Chocolate

– As a savory dish: Baguette + Parmesan + Dark Chocolate

– With wine: Red Cabernet Sauvignon + Lindt Fleur de Sel

What’s your favorite chocolate bar?


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