If you’re faithful readers of this blog, you’ll know that half of my heart lives in London, the city of my childhood travels and last student year. What’s more, is that my sister’s been living there for the last four years so I’ve been visiting frequently. Inspiration strikes when I’m there and we constantly find loads of things worth sharing. So if you frequently visit London for work or to visit family and friends, here’s a series destined to give you a glimpse of the city through our eyes.

Lots of people are far from being gym freaks. This doesn’t mean they’re not a fan of staying fit and eating healthy (while still indulging of course). So here are 5 ways to stay fit in London without hitting the gym!

  1. Walk: ok so the stars really do need to align to be able to walk to work. But one good way to do so, is finding a halfway point, getting off that crowded tube or bus, and discovering the hidden gems all over London while keeping fit! And all that before breakfast.
  2. Group Run: join a running group such as Nike running club or Tribe. They are the best way to reach your next level and they let you explore a part of London you may have not seen.
  3. Martial Arts: bring out the Panda in you with a genuine kung fu work out. KO bloodline offers an amazing kick boxing class where you will feel like a born champion.
  4. Shop: forget that online shopping none sense, just go out and shop till you drop, it’s good for your health :).
  5. Park workouts: what better way to end a nice spring day than with a cardio workout in the park. You’ll leave feeling so good about yourself, nothing could beat that… except maybe a nice homemade roast dinner afterwards!

Who here is not a gym freak but is a fan of effortless fitness? Any other ideas?


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